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Come sell your wares at the innagural

ReNuNu Earth Day Fashion Festival

Do you create awesome fashions out of repurposed materials?

Renunu would like to invite you to come show off your work. We are offereing the opportunity for up to 10 local UpCycling designers to sell their REpurposed and UPcycled clothing at their own booth during this year’s hottest eco-fashion event…

THE EARTHDAY FASHION FESTIVAL on April 21st at Nectar Lounge in Fremont.

We are also offering 20 designers (who may or may not want to vend) the opportunity to send their best show pieces down the runway. The trash pieces will be modeled by a local burlesque troupe “Lady Lux” in a live traveling gypsy carnival style performance put together with your fashions in mind.

The day will be aimed at creating awareness for the ethical and cultural benefits of buying locally produced upcyled fashions from artists like you! Reduced-priced booth fees for those providing their own awesome display!

Booths will be available for rent with 2 different options

OPTION ONE :: Prepaid $65 flat fee :: This option allows you to show up the day of the show and just bring your goods to sell. You prepay and we provide a predecorated “Traveling Gypsy Wagon” Display including a table (or clothing rack), lighting and a gypsy canopy to match the look anf feel of the event.
OPTION TWO :: Post Show Payment of 25% of your sales :: This option allows you to join the festivities without any overhead, a great option for those of you who already have your own displays. You will need a table some lighting and a booth decorated to the hilt like a gypsy wagon (something excentric and professional looking). We provide the space and in exchange you pay 25% of your sales for the day at the end of the event.

* Included in the price of your booth for the day (either option) is some room for your wares to be sold at the “Renunu” booth at the Fremont Sunday Market (just 2 blocks fom Nectar Lounge) on the day of the show. We will be there all day selling wares and promoting the show.

This is a juried market so please visit the “Earthday Fashion Festival” page and fill out the application.


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  1. I make new garments from vintage fabrics. Can I join? My prices are $125-$400. The designs are inspired by vintage designs. How do I apply for the earth day fashion shows a designer?

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